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A powerful CI/CD Orchestrator ✨

👋 Welcome to ShamanOps documentation! To help you get around, please check the different sections at the top global menu:

  • You are currently in the Welcome Page.
  • In the Toolkit installation section, you can find guidelines that will help you to integrate ShamanOps on OpenShift or Kubernetes and in the CI Platform section you can find complete reference documentation to check what configurations are needed in GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Azure DevOps and Bitbucket Pipelines.
  • In the Start your pipeline seccion you will find indications on how to use ShamanOps in it's minimum expression or with the highest possible customization on all supported CI platforms.
  • In the Secrets Encryption you will find how to encrypt you secrets to use them in your applications repositories and avoid to use them in plain text.

About ShamanOps

ShamanOps allows Developers, Ops teams and Engineering teams to configure for themselves the code integration process.
The best part? In order to run ShamanOps you just need a CI platform and a Kubernetes-based platform.
For more information visit us at: